Hello! I am an educator turned software engineer

I worked with students since I was 14. I always thought teaching and working with students was my passion. However, as it turns out, learning is my passion. I was a program coordinator at a non-profit and I was tasked with updating their website. I researched and self taught myself HTML, CSS, and a little bit of Python. I loved it. I loved learning about all the different things that I could do with my fingertips and I instantly fell in love. I took this love for learning new things and applied and got accepted to App Academy, a 16 week full stack software engineering bootcamp; where I learned JavaScript, React, Ruby, Rails, and most importantly, how to learn properly by myself. Software engineering / web development started as a hobby but eventually became my passion! I hope we can collaborate and build something awesome together in the future!

When I'm not programming, you can catch me travelling, bumping to music at a music festival/concert, watching anime or reading manga, playing video games, or supporting the Warriors! Feel free to ask me where I've been! I'd be super happy to share!



Heelios is a Full Stack Stack Clone of popular e-commerce website Nike built with Ruby On Rails Backend and React frontend.


Scene is a Full Stack Web Application built using the MERN stack. This app was built with 3 other developers! It really taught me the value of working in a technical team. It was my first time working on a "technical" team so it was an eye opening experience for me!

Beat Me Up

Beat Me Up was my first ever coding project! It's a vanilla JavaScript data visualization that visualizes and analyzes sound waves using Web Audio API and Canvas API. It was a lot of fun learning Web Audio API but it was challenging since it was my first technical project!

Get In Touch

Thank you so much for coming to my website and I hope you found what you were looking for! If you had any questions at all throughout your exploration, please don't hesitate to reach out to me!